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Support Coordination

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It is possible that making plans for the future will be difficult. You may feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin or who can assist you. Coordination of support is gathering information from those who know you best and can assist you in developing a strategy.

This service begins with a conversation with an NDIS planner about the type of accessible support and how it may work for you in the long run. The NDIS planner will then arrange for you to meet with other professionals and services. These sessions are known as support coordination meetings and can occur weekly or monthly, depending on the circumstances.

There are three measures of support coordination with which we can assist you.

Support connections: This support will strengthen your ability to connect with informal, community, and financed supports, allowing you to maximise your strategy and pursue your objectives.

Support coordination: This support will offer you access to various formal and informal resources, such as crisis management, advocacy, caregiver support, and other services that can assist you in achieving your objectives.

Support planning: This help is intended to assist you in establishing individualised plans for particular areas of need. You construct these plans in partnership with others, aligning with your needs, objectives, and aspirations.

How this type of service works

You must get agency or provider help before starting your NDIS plan. This could be a home caregiver, doctor, or psychologist specialising in disability services. If you choose this provider, they’ll offer support coordination in your plan to help you choose the right help.

Coordination of support is essential since it helps build a strategy that matches your needs and ensures that everything continues to run smoothly over time. You may have access to numerous sorts of support through the NDIS, but only one person can coordinate them all: this is the role of support coordination. They ensure everything is done correctly and on schedule so that everything goes smoothly from beginning to end; this is why it is such an integral aspect of the system!

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